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More people have been to outer space than to these ocean depths.

WELCOME to my world....a journey that began in the music industry which then led to unique opportunities to dive the Titanic twice, and more recently to take part in recovering Apollo F-1 moon rocket engines from  4200 metres beneath the sea.


"Rory has this remarkable ability to transport his audience, and you find yourself stood on the dock watching RMS Titanic set sail. It doesn't matter how big or small the venue is, he has a warm storytelling manner that draws you in. Would I hire him as a speaker again? For sure. Rory knows his facts, listens to the brief, tailors his talk to the audience, and judges his timing perfectly." Rosemary Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company


" I'd like to call out a bunch of thank you’s. To Rory Golden for his incredible Irish wisdom which put us on the right track multiple times. Rory also wins the best eye award - nobody could spot faint markings and mentally map twisted, corroded, 90% concealed parts like Rory." 

Jeff Bezos, founder and sponsor of the Apollo F-1 Engine Search & Recovery Project




'I have memories to last me a lifetime that I can share with many...' 

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